The Miracle Craigslist Email Template

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Say goodbye to sending hundreds of unanswered emails on the Craigslist "Open/Shares" section. 

This document gives you a proven email template to make finding a roommate or open room on Craigslist fast and easy.

My secret to moving turned out to be an awesome email template I found online. - This is a testimonial about the Miracle Craigslist Template from Dan Feeney of, click here to read entire article.

***Update: As of January, 2015 we've sold 5,000 copies of this template with only 2 refunds (we offer a money back guarantee).

Using Craigslist to find an open room was getting a root canal painful.

Here’s why:

The average Craigslist ad for an apartment get’s over 300+ emails. Seriously. Isn’t that crazy? 300+ emails for an open room.

Here’s how I found that out:

When I moved to San Francisco I thought it’d take a week to find a new apartment. Turns out I was way, wayyyy wrong. It took me 5 weeks of sending dozens of emails a day to Craigslist ads. I’d send around 20 to 30 emails a day and I’d be lucky to hear back from one a day.

And then I started thinking about it…why was this whole Craigslist thing so hard?

That’s when I set up a little test. I decided to create a fake listing to see what it was like to be on the other end. Within just 24 hours of posting I had 200+ responses. HOLY CRAP! This is crazy. Then I started to read the emails and that’s when I discovered why getting people to respond to my emails was so tough.

You see, I think I’m a pretty cool person and thought I’d be a great roommate. But after reading hundreds of emails from potential roommates for my fake apartment I realized one big, important error that I was making:

My email sounded and looked EXACTLY like 99% of all the other emails being sent to potential roommates.

Here’s a few lines I used:

  • I’m clean but not OCD
  • I like to cook with friends and have a few drinks on the weekend
  • I like going out but I won’t bring the party home

As I scrolled through hundreds of emails I realized that 99% of the emails in my inbox contained AT LEAST one of the lines above.

The problem with most people is that they write plain-as-vanilla emails to potential roommates on Craigslist not realizing that their email sounds and looks like 100’s of others applying for that same room. Because of this they'll spend WEEKS until sending out the same ole' crappy email over, and over again...not knowing that they're doing it ALL WRONG.

After writing 100’s of successful Craigslist emails at $50 a pop for buddies I’ve figured out exactly what does and does not work. It boiled down to a science...which is how I created this template. 

This template will teach you how to write in a unique, fun way that makes your email stand out and helps you find an amazing roommate so you'll only have to send a few emails before you starting meeting potential roommates in real life.

This template won’t make a boring, debbie downer person more fun, but it will help:

  • Show off your personality
  • Teach you the tricks of Craigslist (did you know you can only send 20 emails a day?)
  • Explain the science behind copywriting and how to stick out
  • Give you a step-by-step formula for creating an effective email that guarantees a response

Sound good?

When you purchase this you will receive a document that contains: 

  • a proven email template that'll get you noticed in people's inboxes
  • the psychology behind writing a great email (in case you wanna make your own template).
  • tactics and tricks to using Craigslist to find a room

Once you have this template people will start responding to your Craigslist emails and will want to meet you in real life...AKA you'll save weeks of time in the roommate hunt.

Oh, and BTW...if you're saying to yourself, "$29 is a little too pricey" then think about it this way:

The average rent in San Francisco is about $2,000 a month...making the competition for the $1000 to $1500 rooms crazy FIERCE. And since this template will give you a leg up in the housing battle for these rooms you'll be saving $500 to $1000 per month. So is $29 REALLY that expensive?

PS: if this template does not get you at least 100% more responses then send me an email and I’m give you your money questions asked!

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The Miracle Craigslist Email Template

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